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Justin Time Plumbing & Heating starstarstarstarstar4.9 / 5

690 Total Reviews /files//just-in-time-logo.png574-780-2245$1845 West Jefferson St., Plymouth IN

Justin Time Plumbing & Heating

Justin Time Plumbing & Heating /files//just-in-time-logo.png$574-780-22451845 West Jefferson St., Plymouth IN
Justin Time Plumbing & Heating /files//just-in-time-logo.png574-780-2245$1845 West Jefferson St., Plymouth IN starstarstarstarstar 4.9 / 5 | 690 Total Reviews

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Justin Time Plumbing & Heating /files//just-in-time-logo.png$1845 West Jefferson St., Plymouth IN 574-780-2245"My experience with them was horrible. I had a issue with my furnace an as a renter my landlord called them to come check why my furnace wasn’t working. They have never been to my house before to do work of any kind. Well i was expecting them at a certain time they had set witch was 1 pm they showed up 40 min early sat in my driveway for like 20 min, While I was at work. My girlfriend an my 2 young daughters where home waiting for them. My issues came when my girlfriend called me saying that they didn’t even attempt to knock that he just used the key came in saying knock, knock freaked my family out buy time I got home she addressed what had happen so I asked a employee did you attempt to knock on my door an in a rude tone of voice he tells me he don’t got to because he gots a key to my house. Must I remind everyone they never been to my house an my furnace is located in a trap door in the corner of my kitchen witch someone would need to show them where it’s at. So I tell him about the trap door an he says to me well I would’ve searched all over your house till I found it like WTF. So after all that they thought just changing a filter would’ve turned the furnace on for whatever reason an tells me if the furnace doesn’t come on after that call them back that it will need to be replaced. The furnace was stopped doing The issue they were called to fix an didn’t even address it. I wouldn’t recommend the rude an unprofessional people that he gots working for him at all "
from Walkerton , IN on December 7th, 2019
5 (2 / 5)
"When we are hired by a home owner, we are given permission to enter the home, by the home owner, (thus the key). We generally do not get a key given unless there is no one home to grant us access. We also give a time slot and date of service. The system we use for scheduling is in real time, it sends updates when the appointment is set, and also when the technician is in route, there is no "early" or "late" when it comes to our service calls. If we are running ahead of schedule, we would not put a call off to arrive directly at 1:00 PM, especially when we are given a key to gain access to the property. We stand behind all of our work, if there is an issue, it will be resolved with the home owner. We do not have any service call like you have just described, nor have we had any call back for such a service call. There is no way one of our guys changed a filter and left a home without heat in this weather. If you have an issue with the way your landlord hires contractors to perform repairs on his rental property, how access is permitted, time, date, etc. you will need to take that up with them directly. The appointment is set with the homeowner and if he or she has an issue, we will gladly address it with them immediately. We do have a "tell us before you troll us" policy. This ensures customer satisfaction before the unnecessary negative feedback. The technicians we "gots" are professional, respectful, and more than experienced to handle all of the services we offer."
- Justin Time Plumbing & Heating