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Installation Natural Gas or LP fuel lines in Lakeville, IN is our specialty. Call for your fuel and fuel service needs. is full licensed and insured to professionally install and pressure test your gas piping system to ensure trouble-free completion of your gas piping needs.

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02/01/2021....Replaced Gas Shut Off Valves To The Dryer And To The Stove And To The Water Heater Unhooked Gas Meter Outside Did A Pressure Test On Gas Lines Set Air Pressure To 20 Pounds And Left On An Air Test For Approximately One Hour And 15 Minutes Pressure Test Held Exactly 20 Pounds Hooked Gas Meter Back Up And Soap Down Connections After The Shut Off Valves Inside. Everything Tested Ok There Are No Gas Leaks.
Dave, B. Lakeville, IN
Gas Leak Repairs
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"Justin time always takes excellent care of us. They just installed our new Armstrong furnace and air system. "

Matthew , C. Lakeville, IN
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